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07 November 2011

Stories from Haarlem

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There have been too many wonderful experiences to relate them all, but here are three . . .

10 October 2011

Paris redux

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I did what I had to do under the circumstances – I went back to Paris!

08 September 2011

Pleasurable processes – from an English village to a French village

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We left Stow on Wednesday morning at 8; returned the car in Oxford at 9; arrived at Paddington station at 10.30; and were home at Kate’s by 10.45 – excellent process!

30 August 2011

The Windsor Castle, the Greek, and the Draycott – will we ever stop eating?

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Had a good morning catch-up yesterday - writing and photographs and following up on plans. I gather there’s no WiFi in the house in Stow, but the owner said we can get it at The New England Coffee House - just around the corner from the Old School House. But I found out that there is WiFi in the villa in Venasque – yay!

27 August 2011

Of Brian, books, and broccolini

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Slept poorly. Woke to a cool, drizzly London. Was forced to do Pilates again.

26 August 2011

The long ride and the gentleman’s club

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Monday morning dawned bright and shiny so Kate and I set off for the full-catastrophe bike ride in Hyde Park. Glorious sunshine and London sparkling!

25 August 2011

Boris Bikes, Frankie Valli and roast beef

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We woke up late the next morning, and were soon breakfasted and ready to set off on our first experience of a Boris bike (that's a Barclays bike for you non-locals).

24 August 2011

Pigs in Holland Park

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We arrived at Heathrow at 6am on Friday after a fairly pleasant 6 ½ hour flight from Toronto. My step-sister, Kate (whom I haven’t seen for nearly 20 years) came screeching up to the kerb in her silver Mercedes coupe and leapt out looking like a Vogue model! Wow – she looks fabulous!