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The Research Vault contains a wealth of research findings, available to Child Custody professionals on a subscription basis. The Research Vault is updated regularly with current research on an increasingly wide range of topics.

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Research Vault Topics

Topics currently covered in the Research Vault include:

Adjustment to separation
(how parents and children respond to separation with risk and protective factors)

Antisocial parents
(parents with a criminal record can affect their children's development in a number of ways)

Antisocial peers
(affiliating with antisocial peers increases the likelihood of antisocial behavior in adolescents)

(definitions; essential components; impact of attachment on child development)

Children's memory
(developmental differences in children's memory capacity)

Contact with non-resident parent
(need for positive relationships with both parents to promote positive development and the impact of gatekeeping on children's development)

Domestic violence
(all aspects of domestic violence and its impact on children's development in all areas)

Encopresis and Enuresis
(clinical information)

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
(the effects of exposure to alcohol in utero on development)

(fostered children and contact with biological parents)

Identity development
(need for knowledge about birth parents)

Intellectual Disability
(effects of child and parental intellectual disability)

Internet pornography
(family functioning is negatively affected by compulsive use of cybersex)

Learning  (Child)
(impact of various influences on children's learning)

Mental health
(parental mental health - diagnoses and general risks and protective factors)

Parent-child relationship
(effects on children's development)

Parental conflict
(impact of parental conflict on child development)

(the effects of having to care for parents on children's development)

Parenting plans
(empirical literature on parenting plans)

Parenting practices
(evidence-based best parenting practices)

Parenting style
(parenting style and its effects on children's development)

Parents' personal history
(impact of personal history on parenting capacity)

(effects of poverty on children's development)

Preterm (premature) birth
(developmental risks for children born prematurely and parenting demands)

(effects of parental relocation on children's development)

(the protective influence of positive sibling relationships when parents separate and re-partner)

Speech and language
(some aspects of children's development)

(impact of step-parents on children's development)

Teenage parents
(risk and resilience factors for teenage parents and their children)

(effects of child temperament on parenting and attachment)

(risks of transience for children's development)

Research Vault Sample

A single finding within a topic might be presented thus:

"The link between parental psychological distress and child adjustment problems is well established. Negative emotions expressed by parents, especially hostile negative emotions, are likely to reduce children's feelings of security and increase their anxiety (Fabes, Leonard, Kupanoff, & Martin, 2001)."

The full reference for this finding would be included at the end of the topic together with the other references included in the topic.


It must be noted that the research presented is my re-presentation of others' research.

While there is always a danger of bias when reporting others' research, I have a long academic tradition and have guarded against biased reporting as far as possible. Obviously, the Research Vault has not been peer-reviewed, but I encourage users to comment on any material and hope that this will serve as a form of peer review.

I also encourage users of the Research Vault to seek out the primary sources wherever possible and assess those for themselves.

When citing the literature presented here, writers are obliged to make explicit the source of their information, and I suggest that they cite the website of this Research Vault in some preamble to their reports.