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When parents seek assistance from the Family Court to resolve their childcare disputes, a number of professionals become involved, including lawyers and psychologists. My research and experience as a psychologist in the Family Court system have resulted in a significant variety of resources. Many of these resources are presented here, designed to assist the professionals who work in the Child Custody area. In particular, I have developed a scientifically-based methodology for child custody evaluations (known as specialist psychological reports in the New Zealand Family Court). There are training materials, templates for use in report writing, a comprehensive and growing repository of research findings, a number of services, and published articles that can be used as educational aids for family lawyers and those who counsel parents through separation and divorce.


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There are few situations more complex and difficult than child custody disputes. Children whose parents are in conflict about their care become embroiled in loyalty conflicts and suffer emotional distress. The people whom they look to for safety and comfort are fighting, and anxiety levels rise dramatically. Often, parents are unsure about how to help their children during and after separation and divorce, and therefore, there is a section on this website dedicated to assisting parents. There are published articles with commonsense advice about helping children through this difficult transition, links to other useful websites, and a range of services.

Please note:

In New Zealand, the terms custody and access have been replaced by the terms day to day care and contact. However, to acknowledge the international users of this website, I've chosen to use the terms custody and access respectively.